ProCam X – Lite Hd Camera Apk Download

Prokim X transforms your phone into a professional camera, with full control over brightness, focus, white balance, ISO, and a professional camera that can take your mobile photographer to the next level. I’m recording your movie

x Proxy X – HD Camera Pro Pro: Best Camera B Features: B: 1

ProCam X – Lite Hd Camera Apk Download

Edit control (lock / release)
Check the white balance
ISO Guide *
* Focus Guide *
* Shutter speed *
Linguistic scale
Archer error
Adjust the custom video bit level
Real-time color / filter effect
پړونی فر
Shake counter

* Accessory device that activates the 2api camera

It has a high-speed camera capable of capturing multiple images in a time frame, providing high-speed, solid-mode camera performance, great for break-even or time-consuming videos. General Chat Chat Lounge Useful

ProCam X – Lite Hd Camera Apk Download

This professional and fast HD camera has different effects and more HD Pro Pro Camera features such as manual handheld series lock, ISO manual, balance white, HD camera pro grid view, gold and much more. Make a photo with the ultimate in photography

The main features of the best camera are described below.

* Improved camera positioning with adjustable delays or adjustable delays for video creation over time
* Facial diagnosis / facial diagnosis
* Frontback HD Camera Pro option.

* Lightweight ISO type lightweight
* Camera View Lock
* RAW (DNG) file on the front camera
* ISO Guide / ISO Guide or ISO Only (ISO Setting and Guide)
* Flash mode b features
* Brightness / detection settings
* Great camera for taking time or motion that requires periodic shooting
* Open the Camera application feature to record 4K cameras on supported devices

All the complete features come packaged in a compact small size and clean interface,
Download this professional HD camera and start recording 4K video



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