ranslate -Language Translator,Online Translate Apk

Salam Translation is a free translator for 8 languages ​​including English, English to Marathi, etc. Online Advance Translation can be used in any application (Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, Hike, Zachary Text Translation and so on). Hello translation is effective in text translation and image translation with just one click. Come and see your foreign friends!

ranslate -Language Translator,Online Translate Apk

Welcome languages ​​include:
Hindi to English translation
Hindi translation in Tamil
English to Pashto
Urdu to Hindi translation
English to Arabic translation.

1) Multi Social Media Translation Support
Hello Translate supports GPS app translation which includes Facebook, WhatsApp and Messenger text translation. You can insert a floating ball into the text or double-click the floating ball to translate the foreign language into your language.
Note: On Facebook and Messenger, it is advisable to copy this text to the clipboard for translation.

2) Chat translation
Hello Translate Chat Translation supports text texts such as WhatsApp, Hike, Zechariah. You can both translate your friends ‘messages and your language into your friends’ language. Hello translation, easy translation of your language helps to make friends in the world.

ranslate -Language Translator,Online Translate

3) Offline translation
Supports offline translation, our new offline feature allows you to use our application and translate overseas without internet.

Be sure to translate with your translator partner at any time, anytime!

All Language Translator

Translation is supported in the following languages:
English, Hindi / Hindi, Bengali / Boli / Bengali, Telugu / 2, Marathi / Marathi / Mara, Tamil / 1 / Tamil, Urdu / Urdu / Urdu, Kanda / 1 / Kana, Gujarati / English / Gujarati, Malayalam / 2 / Malay, Punjabi / English / Shahmakhi, Chinese, Spanish / Espasol / Castiliano, Arabic / Arabic / R, Men / Bahasa Melo, Portuguese / Portuguese / に ほ ん ん, Persian / Farsi / Farsi, Swahili / Kiswahili, Javanese, Thai / ไทย, Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia, Turkey / Turkish, Nepalese / Nepalese, Filipino / Tagalog, Vietnam / Thai Wattoo, Korea / 2, Italian / Italian, Amharic / Amharic, Czech / Estina, Croatia, Croatia, Cincinnati, Netherlands / Greek / Ελληνικά / Greek, Romania / Long Romania, Poland / Polski, Finnish Finnish D / Somalia, Hungary / Magyar, Hebrew / עברית, Kazakh / Қазақша, Cambodian / ភាសាខ្មែរ, Kyrgyz / Ramp / Norse Sprink, Norwegian / English, Sinhalese / 2, Somali / Somali, Albanian / Shakespeare, Ukrainian /


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