Rotation Manager – Screen Manager Apk

When opening the YouTube app or video player, automatically pull down the device screen.

When I use it, calculate the calculator automatically. Or just a photography session for some sport.Use the rotation manager to control the rotation perfectly. It is possible

Rotation Manager – Screen Orientation Manager

The rotation manager will automatically focus on the device, depending on the program you are running. Rotate Manager is designed to make it easy for you.

Depending on the rotation state of the program you create, you will be automatically started.

Rotation Manager – Screen Orientation Manager

2 Displays various patterns, scenes, images and periodic images in the program. Select the template you want.
All is easy and fast.

Enable automatic rotation control.
The program rotates automatically, changing the blood circulation conditions.

Configure system settings: Automatic permission is required to automatically change time status settings.
Accessibility: You need to change your permission rotation to test the current driver.

Rotation Manager – Screen Orientation Manager

By default, this default rotation setting is turned off, which means that the rotation status will remain the same after the program is automatically removed.

Try out the app and tell us what we can do to improve the app and make the app more user-friendly.
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