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Screen Recorder – X Recorder helps you capture screen videos and photos in a simple, easy and clear way. You can record HD instructional videos, video calls and videos without having to click on the last window. Never miss a live broadcast or important moment.

Screen Recorder & Video Recorder

Download the best screen recorder – Xcorder to record everything!

The main features are:
Recording Video Recorder supports all movies such as Parascope Live, Bogo Live or Music. Tech Talk, YouTube, Touch …
Screen capture screen to get a clearer picture of the screen
Video Editor Manager: Shorten video and change speed
Record a game on your phone
Export Full HD Video with Custom Settings: 240p to 1080P, 60fps, 12 Mbps
No sign: Record clear videos and photos
Capture pages with fake cams
* Recording time and no routing required
Washer Window Panel: With one touch you can easily control the moment, press hard and suddenly.
Counting time: fully equipped recorder
Alternate storage location: Internal storage / SD card
Easy recording, screen speed delay / resume
Recorded video sharing works on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, IGTV, Facebook …

Coming soon:
+ Edit video: add, add background music, add text, and more
+ Brush tool: Drag or mark on screen while recording

Free screen capture in full HD
Screen Video Recorder – X Recorder supports screen recording of high resolution games, 1080p, 12 Mbps, 60 fps. Of course, you can record the screen with adjusted resolution (240 to 1080P), quality and FPS (15 fps to 60 fps).

Game recorder without time limit
This screen recorder. The X Recorder is also a game recorder and screen capture tool. It helps you play time, screen capture and video game recordings without any time limit.

There is no signature video recorder on the screen
Do you still have the tools to download the marked screen? Download this video recorder to record the screen clearly. If you want to capture, edit or create an image on an editing page, it must have a screen saver.

Screen recorder with audio
Do you want to record play games and educational videos with audio? This powerful screen recorder is your best choice. It records your voice with psychology and clarity.

Screen recorder with fake cam
Screen Recorder with Fake Cam helps you share your face and photos in a small window. It can be rotated freely on any post on the screen and it can be adjusted to any size.

Record screen with audio
It is also a fully functional audio screen recorder. Download this interesting screen recorder with audio to record this video.

——— Warm instructions
Screen Recorder – To experience all features of Video Recorder, please agree to the following permissions:

Make sure the order is for screen capture only. Screen Recorder never harms our users.


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