Secret Gallery – Hide photos and videos

Secret album to keep my privacy!
Hide photo and video requests
Find out about the hidden show.

Secret Gallery 

Hidden Gallery lets you hide your photos and videos behind your browser window so you don’t want to see them anymore.

To others, this is a browser search site.
However, if you enter your password, you can view your gallery.

Your own place
Keep your photos and videos safe and easy.

ic Primary activity
1. Search the theme support browser
– Please select your preferred search engine.
– Change the subject of other research in due course.

Hide photos and videos

2. Enter your password
– Enter your password in the search field in the browser.
– In the absence of a password, general search results will appear.

3. Hide photos and folders
– You can hide it again using Folder Manager> Hide.
– Find hidden folders in the search.

4. Exclude source function support
– You can manually delete photos and videos from the gallery.
– Please be careful not to recover lost assets.




I want to hide my personal albums, photos and videos
From today, run a secret show.


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