Smart pashto keyboard – Pashto English keyboard Apk

Smart Pashto Keyboard is a great Pashto language keyboard that makes it easy for users to type.

Smart pashto keyboard – Pashto English keyboard Apk

Pashto Keyboard is designed for people who want to write Pashto posts, messages, titles and Islamic phrases.
If you want to improve your typing speed and make your typing beautiful, then this keyboard is the best choice for you.
This keyboard has some more features that we want to clear.

Large English to Pashto and English to Pashto dictionary.
Speed ​​typing for most languages ​​in the world.
Smart and fashion wallpapers.
Easy steps.
English font
Leather wallpaper
One unique way to write poetry.
Pashto dictionary is best for easy writing.
Long day backwards points.




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