Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix & Boost Sound Apk

Clean the speakers quickly and make a bad noise due to water clogging in the sound

Is your phone or smartwatch wet after spraying? Does the water look bad and confusing when it comes between them? Don’t worry, it’s a quick and easy solution.

Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Fix & Boost Sound

With the help of the speaker program, you can clean and transfer water from the speaker in a few seconds. This simple process for extracting water from the speaker is very simple and has a success rate of over 80%.

The speaker program uses the standard sound of a preset frequency signal to extract water from the speaker. Sound waves cause the speaker to vibrate and flood.

M machine cleaning:
The speaker cleaning program has some built-in cleaners that can help you clean the water that accumulates inside the speaker.
Automatic cleaning
Automatic cleaning mode is an automatic process for removing water from the speaker. With just the push of a button, your speaker can be set to 80 seconds. There are two cases of automatic cleaning, if no one is working, try both.
Hand cleaning
Mode Cleaning mode allows you to manually select the correct sound frequency that works best for a particular speaker. Use the slider to set the frequency.
Choose a headset or speakerphone
You can choose to delete the speaker or the speakerphone with a simple slider.

Speaker  Cleaner Apk

Important note:
Adjust your phone or smartwatch to face the speaker.
Use the maximum volume.
If glued to the head

For smart watches
The dynamic phone application is ideal for Android Wear smart watches.





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