Touch Protector (the best of Touch Disabling apps) apk

TouchScatter is a touch-enabled app to prevent unwanted activity on touch screens and ringtones. This disables the touch functionality of other applications displayed on the application screen. Very traditional and no ads!

Touch Protector (the best of Touch Disabling apps)

what’s that?
This may confuse you already. The more you set up this app for yourself, the more confident you will feel.

There are a lot of usage issues that even app developers can’t find.
– GPS will display the map and track the map without changing it while running, even if you accidentally drop the screen.
– When the music video is playing, you can lock the phone and carry it in your pocket.
– When you show a picture to your friend by locking the phone and moving it forward, you can prevent him from seeing other pictures.
– Displays manual operation on the screen while working, even if you touch the screen by mistake, it is irresponsible, so it is fine.

– When you shower while watching video on a waterproof phone, the phone can prevent water droplet errors.
– When using a waterproof phone as a motorcycle, even if it is raining, it prevents incorrect operation by water droplets.

– With open lock, the phone will be locked automatically when you go with two lower arms, and the phone will be locked and it will be unlocked automatically to show the phone, so that you can walk against it. Read on Take action.

– When the pocket or bag is locked with proximity sensor, it can be locked automatically.
– Automatically locks when the cover is closed, and automatically locks the opening cap sensor when the lid is opened.
If you have another interesting case of use please write comments and I’m glad you did.

Suggested settings
The following three locks are effective for management.
The compound is closed
– Cover cover
– Close
It is safe to drive only the following three trucks
– Open to the right
– Open the volume up key
– Unlock the volume down key

Open in case of emergency
If you are unable to unlock your device, try the following.
Plug your device into electricity.
Call your phone and touch the screen.
Touch the device screen 5 times to show other unlocking modes.

Remove the SIM card from your phone to restart.
– Search the web using “Restart your device name” and try the available method to restart the device.


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