Typewise Keyboard – Big Keys, Privacy, Swipe Apk Download

These keyboards are designed to fit a 140-year-old mechanical machine design. A similar difference is the first keyboard designed specifically for smartphones. It’s revolutionary and easy to use now, and you’ll love it again after a few messages.

Weight loss is 80 tons
In a new study, 000 participants and 000 participants stated that the current keyboard has 1 word out of 5 in participants. Type Y will finally be released from these RRGGH moments. Thanks to the hexagon design, the keys are 70 inches wide and simple. Reduces errors by 80.


Typewise Keyboard – Big Keys, Privacy, Swipe Apk Download

Interesting gestures
To send a larger message, tap the arrow on the left and swipe to the right to get one. It is very comfortable

Smart cars
False Resistance or Prophecy. Enter Y, and this will help you type this sentence.

100% Confidential
Your notes are private. Therefore, your Wi-Fi works locally on your device and no data is transferred to the cloud.

Typewise Keyboard – Big Keys, Privacy, Swipe Apk Download

No permission
You need dozens of other keyboards to access your calendar, contacts, files, GPS locations and more Need licensing support for typhoid compression.

He speaks your language
It is difficult to exchange in different languages. You can access the language at the same time with the WI type. Choose from over 40 languages ​​and type in any language you like. Support Type:
– English (US, UK, Australia, Canada)
– Albania
– Basque
– Burton
– Croatian
– Look
Of Denmark
– The Netherlands (Netherlands, Belgium)
– Estonia
– Philippines
– Finnish
French (France, Canada and Switzerland)
– Galicia
– Germany (Germany, Switzerland, Austria)
– Iceland
– Indonesian
– Ireland
– Italian
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Norway
– Polish
– Portuguese (Portugal and Brazil)
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– Spanish
– Sweden
– German, German, Switzerland

Learn more with TypeWizPro
– Get personal forecasts
5 interesting things
– Keep your text
– Turn on the vibration and set the full intensity
– Tablet status is active
– Change the emoji style
– Resize the font
– Add custom dialect
Change the behavior of the cloud
– Change location sensitivity
– Automatically return messages one by one
– Click below to return auto-correction

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