UnApp — Batch Uninstall Multiple Apps, Uninstaller apk

Applications – This is an application that allows you to select your applications to remove your phone or tablet and free up memory.

UnApp — Batch Uninstall Multiple Apps, Uninstaller

You can select multiple applications and delete them from your phone. It will be faster to eliminate them one by one. Also, displays unlock information for each application.

With these apps you don’t need free apps – it’s easy to get rid of Android.
Is this the best Android that Android can get? No, but you can find yourself.

Also, you do not need root access for this application, but you will not be able to uninstall system applications. If you do not want to see system applications in the list, you can hide it in the settings of these applications. Improve the performance of your phone or tablet by freeing up memory and installing unnecessary apps and other junk by slowing down your Android device.

You can use Search to search for applications you want to delete. You can sort apps by their APK size or name and by landing. You can select apps using one checkbox after another, or select all of your top apps using the checkboxes above.
If you upgrade to a premium, you can also go for black and imitation themes.





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