Video locker – Hide videos, Private video vault Apk

Keep your videos safe and private. Video / Cabinet is the easiest and safest way to create a safe place to store personal / important videos. Video Locker is a private gallery where you can keep the most memorable videos and make sure that friends who use your phone won’t see your videos if they search in your gallery.

Video locker – Hide videos, Private video vault Apk

– Access to password protected applications with a PIN / sample.
– Lock video directly from your default gallery
– Works with your device’s memory / SD card to import and export video.
– View albums to quickly organize your videos.
– There is no restriction on storage, including unlimited videos.
– Multiple Option B features for quick import of hundreds of videos.
– Easy lock with just one click.
– Optimized for HD tablets.
– Not included in the list of “Recent Apps”.
– The device automatically falls asleep.
– Comfortable interface for a great experience.
– Share locked videos directly on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
– You can hide the video template in your album
– Set up coverage videos in your album
– Content interface design keeps your application alive
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– The best video locker among people on Google Play

How it works:

– Enter PIN / pattern to log in to the app.
– Create the right folder in the app to add and manage videos.
– Import / export video from your phone / SD card.
– Select the videos you want to lock. (G is allowed)
– Click “Lock” there! Safe as a wallet!

Video locker – Hide videos, Private video vault Apk

I received a password:
In that case, if you forget your password, we’ll send it to your registered email.

GET_ACCOUNTS permission to receive the user’s email ID to send the password

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Where does my video go after opening?
A: Your videos will be in “sdcard / videoolocker_alak_pick” after opening.
Q: How can I change my password?
A: Click on the “Settings” icon, which shows you the option to change your password.
Q: Are my hidden videos safe online?
a. no. Your videos are only stored on your device. We can’t access your videos remotely.
Q: What are the video formats supported by Video Locker?
Answer: The app supports all major formats. – .mp4 .wmv .AVI




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