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UV Video Recorder is a camera application that enables you to record video in one click with the option to enable / disable camera shutter sounds and camera preview. Functions include smooth recording, on-screen recording, schedule recording, one-click video recorder shortcuts / widgets, and multilingual support.

Background Video Recorder Apk

Q: What should I do if I need immediate help?

Q: When the video file size is around 4GB (30 minutes)?

A: By default, the Android system stops recording when the file size reaches 4GB or 30 minutes. You can try to enable “Limited time and repetitive recording”. Your maximum time to avoid a crash file should be 30 minutes or less (preferably your video duration) or if you save the file to an SD card, convert it to XFAT instead of FAT. Format so that this application can record long video time (30 minutes more).

Video Recorder app

[Main features]
+ Supports languages ​​(English, Czech, French, Brazil, Portuguese, Italian, Swedish, German, Spanish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Dutch, Polish)
Trim after video recording
+ Enable / disable preview
+ Disable / Disable shutter sounds
+ Supports “Night Mode”
+ Supports auto-white balance with many advanced options
+ Adjust your camera to record videos at specific times
+ Widget image support changes
Supports rear and front cameras
+ Supports dash camera mode
+ Easy storage location
+ Unlimited video duration. Set the time you want to record easily
+ Supports “Auto Stop Recording” when device storage is low
+ Maximum video resolution (HD-720p, Full HD-480p, 480p …)
Save the encrypted application
+ Beautiful material design GUI

Video Recorder  Background  Apk

[User Guide]
+ Click the pink cross button on the application or click the video recorder shortcut / widget to record and close.

Quick Video Recorder is a free app. Just install, manage and enjoy!
If you like the app, please rate it five stars and give it a strict review. I would be especially grateful!

+ Google Play Services has been updated to 9.0

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